MessageFrom MD

Dear Clients

I personally fell proud for working in the field of foreign recruitment continuously since more than 15years. I extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for showing your intrest towards our organization. We are pleased to introduce our professional overseas company S. & S. providing quality service since 2002. Our aim is to create a world class organization so as to provide energetic and best manpower to all the foreign recruiting companies across the globe. Lately we have been successful in achieving this goal and we hope to do so in mere future. Our office is operated by a very highly effective group of professional management team who have worked and collected wide experience while working with many other successful Manpower Companies.

The beauty of Nepal is its diversity and richness in all level of work force. And so as to utilize our present our human source, S. & S. is recruiting people from Nepal to work across the globe for other companies under our supervision.


Mr. Bhairo Lal das